Technology and safety as standard

The standard equipment of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta includes state-of-the-art electronic systems for dynamic control and safety. The advanced MacPherson front suspension and MULTILINK rear suspension have been designed to provide perfect balance even at the limit.

Furthermore, the Giulietta ensures the best driving conditions at all times using the Alfa D.N.A. selector which selects three driving modes: Dynamic, Normal and All Weather.

All these systems guarantee genuine Alfa Romeo driving safety, vehicle traction and performance. The Giulietta suspension system expresses its dual spirit: sporty and entertaining, yet dominable and comfortable.

Alfa D.N.A.

ALFA DNA The system allows the car's personality to be adapted to the needs of the driver and different road conditions When the selector is in DYNAMIC position, the car's performance is exactly as you would expect from the sporting spirit of any Alfa Romeo: the engine response is immediate, delivery is substantial due to the overboost, while the Electronic Q2 differential allows corners to be tackled in complete safety

With the selector set to NORMAL, even everyday driving becomes more fun, guaranteeing a comfortable, smooth drive at all times. Fuel consumption will be reduced to the minimum.

In ALL WEATHER mode, the Giulietta girds itself to face the most difficult grip conditions, alerting all its active safety systems, including the VDC and Electronic Q2. The engine response will become more gradual and controlled. Top ↑

Multi air

For a car that ushers in a new age, Alfa Romeo presents latest generation petrol engines for revolutionary results in terms of performance, eco-friendliness and versatility. In particular, MultiAir technology marks a major generational leap compared to current petrol engines. This is achieved due to the principle underpinning this new technology: the possibility of continuously adjusting the main elements that guarantee optimum combustion at any speed and under all driving conditions.

An innovative hydro-electric system for operating the engine's inlet valves allows direct and dynamic control of air intake and combustion, replacing a conventional throttle valve. A significant result from an environmental and economic viewpoint

From 10% to 35% more maximum power with the adoption of a high-performance cam profile.
Up to 15% more torque at low speeds due to direct control over valve rise.
Pick-up improved by up to 12% due to high air mass pressure.
A reduction of up to 10% in fuel consumption and emissions thanks to the elimination of pumping losses. Top ↑


The Giulietta introduces an entirely new architecture designed to satisfy the most demanding customers in terms of road-holding, agility and safety. It ensures both exceptional dynamic performance and high comfort levels, thanks to the refined technical solutions employed for the suspension, a new-generation steering system, a light and rigid structure created from materials such as aluminium and high-strength steels and manufacturing techniques on the cutting edge.

In an age beset by so many question marks, the Giulietta emerges as a new benchmark. A new architecture has been forged for this car.

A design that builds on Alfa Romeo's long experience in engineering and the result is cutting edge. The entire architecture has been redesigned compared to the previous generation, using the most innovative materials: aluminium, magnesium and high-strength steels that combine very high strength and rigidity qualities with weight reduction. The lightness of this architecture translates into outstanding performance plus a significant reduction in braking. The new floor pan is a genuine system in its own right that interacts synergetically with each individual mechanical and electronic component on the car to guarantee agility, comfort and safety. Top ↑

Start and stop

This device, which can be turned on and off at all times by the driver, automatically stops and starts the car when at a standstill in town traffic to reduce fuel consumption, harmful emissions and sound pollution. Top ↑

Dual Pinion active steering

This new generation steering system was developed specially to guarantee driving satisfaction, for which Alfa Romeo is fabled.

 The benefits are immediate:

  • direct, sensitive steering in any driving conditions
  • Full integration with vehicle dynamics control systems and with Alfa D.N.A.
  • great driving comfort due to variable power-assisted steering
  • very easy to handle around town and during parking manoeuvres due to a turning circle of just 10.9 m
  • Fuel consumption slashed by 3% compared to a conventional system.
Top ↑

Euro NCAP 5 star rating

EURO NCAP The Alfa Romeo Giulietta was designed to offer total protection for both driver and passengers. This is borne out by more than 15,000 hours of virtual analysis, 100 crash tests, 150 tests on a HyGe slide and more than 100 tests on components and subsystems.

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta has been awarded a prestigious five-star Euro NCAP rating, setting it at the top of its segment in the field of safety.

An overall score of 87/100, confirms this car to be the safest car in the small family category. This major acknowledgment confirms Alfa Romeo's attention to all aspects concerned with protection and safety.

The rating is even more important considering that since 2009 Euro NCAP has adopted a new scheme composed of four areas of assessment which are simultaneously evaluated, namely Adult Occupant, Child Occupant, Pedestrian Protection and injury avoidance and mitigation functions, through the evolution of seat belt reminder, ESP and speed limiter. Top ↑

Communication (blue and me)

Blue & Me Travelling & communicating safely
Blue&Me™ is the system that has changed in-car communication, information and entertainment, with benefits in terms of comfort and safety. It is fully compliant with legal requirements, since it can be used without taking your hands off the wheel. Blue&Me™, created from a partnership between Fiat Auto and Microsoft is now available on all new Alfa Romeo cars.

What it can do
Blue&Me™ allows you to use your mobile phone with Bluetooth® technology in the car in the utmost safety and to listen to music in digital format, thanks to the hands-free function and steering wheel controls.

Blue&Me™-TomTom® Live is the result of a joint-venture with TomTom®: this system integrates next-generation portable navigation with the car, maximising safety and improving the ergonomics when using the device.

Blue&Me™ is compatible with most mobile phones on the market with Bluetooth® and can be updated to conform to new standards and phones.

To find out about Blue&Me™, its functions and its compatibility, go to the Blue&Me™ website
It contains user support information, software updates and an extensive Questions and Answers section.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta offers a concealed satellite navigation system equipped with a pop-up display. The ease-of-use and ergonomics allow the driver to follow the suggested instructions without taking his or her eye off the road.

An alternative option is the Blue&Me™-TomTom® Live navigation system designed through a partnership between Alfa Romeo and TomTom®. The housing, perfectly integrated in the centre of the dashboard, removes the need for a power cable, thus offering ergonomic and safe operation.

This results in an excellent level of integrations between the navigation system and the car, maximised by Blue&Me™ technology which allows it to be used with voice commands and steering wheel controls.

The system is customised for Alfa Romeo with 4.3" touch screen display, IQ Routes™ Technology, European maps with 45 countries, points of interest and online map updating functions. Top ↑

Active safety

The architecture of the Giulietta is completely new and designed to integrate and enhance the various safety systems to the maximum degree.

Each and every aspect has been optimised to guarantee maximum control in all conditions, from the chassis and suspensions, to the braking and steering systems.

Vehicle Dynamic Control VDC comes as standard on all versions and interacts with the Alfa D.N.A. (Dynamic, Normal, All Weather driving modes), which modulates system performance strategies while also adjusting the operating parameters of the engine, gearbox, steering system and Electronic Q2 differential.

The Giulietta also offers Pre-Fill and DST systems (Dynamic Steering Torque). The former, active in D.N.A. Dynamic mode offers the driver maximum braking promptness; the latter prompts the driver to make the correct manoeuvre in emergencies by sending a pulse to the steering wheel. Top ↑

Passive safety

The Giulietta safety system, developed to achieve the maximum Euro NCAP rating, increases the energy-absorbing capacity of the front end and reduces both inertia forces and intrusions into the passenger compartment. Safety is guaranteed by six airbags; three-point seatbelts with double pretensioners and load limiters; collapsible pedal unit and steering column; second-generation anti-whiplash system and Isofix attachments.

All this increases the severity of impact against which optimum occupant protection is guaranteed. Top ↑

Preventive safety

Alfa Romeo Giulietta adopts front LED headlights with a Daytime Running Light function that automatically turns on the sidelines when the car is started.

The tail lights, also LED, offer greater brightness than conventional bulbs and greater safety due to the extremely short activation times. Top ↑