Welcome to Alfa Romeo Mauritius

All Alfa Romeos offer something extra. Something that sets the cars of this marque apart from all others: we call it a "Cuore Sportivo". In English, Alfa Romeo's famous slogan, 'Cuore Sportivo' translates roughly as 'The sporting heart'.

Whilst this goes some way to communicating the marque's commitment to motor racing and its love of performance cars, in Italian these two words mean much more. They encapsulate a mentality, a philosophy and a whole way of life that revolves around competitive excellence in the field of automotive engineering.

Alfa Romeo can be described as a company that was born to race. Cuore Sportivo is an integral part of Alfa Romeo and the philosophy behind the cars. More than just a company slogan, it truly encapsulates the company's dedication to competitive excellence in all aspects of car design, engineering, manufacture and of course, motor racing.